Announcing Redbird’s Daily COVID-19 Check-in and Symptom Tracker

Today we’re very excited to share Redbird’s latest innovation to help with Ghana’s fight against COVID-19, the COVID-19 daily check-in and symptom tracker at

We’ve seen in each country battling the novel coronavirus that shortages of testing compound the difficult of fighting this disease. Our COVID-19 check-in app is a way for every person to self-report symptoms (or lack of symptoms) tagged to their phone number and location. This will enable public health officials to map potential areas of concern and follow-up directly with high-risk patients. With limited testing resources, understanding where the risk is and how to reach those at risk is of great importance.

Our app is live and ready for your input, thanks to the incredible efforts of Gerald Pharin, Edward Baah, and the entire Redbird team. If you’re in Ghana, a daily check in (whether you have symptoms or not) will help the entire community to fight this pandemic.

Please go to (best from a phone) to check in, and please share with your friends and family to do the same!